An infra-red photon and electron generator to treat industrial, farming and home water

  • DILEKA, an infrared and electron generating device for water, according to Japanese technology developed for over 25 years.

  • DILEKA, a main key to Environment Protection and Sustainable Growth
  • DILEKA, an on going effect to reduce the bio film amount and decrease oxidation in water ducts, helping reduce bacteria proliferation, such as legionella.
  • DILEKA, to halve the use of detergents and cleaning products at home, but also in the industry and services.
  • DILEKA, to reduce lime incrustation in ducts and machines.
  • DILEKA, to save at least 20 % farming water, 20% fertilisers and 20% plant-health products.
  • DILEKA, to increase naturally the various breeding productivity parameters.

Dileka is a tube whose length varies depending on the volumes of water to be treated: when the water goes through it, it undergoes a vortex movement several times; thus the water goes from a laminar flow to a swirling flow: this generates a depression and micro-bubbles; it also receives infra-red waves produced by very specific ceramics placed inside the body of the device: those waves are evocative of those waves naturally produced by the earth itself. As a result of that mechanical and electro-magnetic energy that it receives, the water is strongly agitated and ionised; it then acquires new physical properties.


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