Founded in 1995 by Veterinarian Dr Hervé JANECEK, our company is based in Montpellier in the south of France.

CYTOBIOTECH is a company specialising in Biology and Nutrition, with advanced expertise in the area of Bio-energy; since year 2000, our team’s trade has focused on water treatment, by developing in France various innovative technologies intended to valorise that unique resource thus our world should be understood from a bio-chemistry angle of course, but also from a bio-physics angle this is true of the first of our fids, and also the first element of our living environment, i.e. water.

Since 2003, CYTOBIOTECH has imported from Japan the DILEKA, which was designed and developed by the EKG company and its manager, Mr Kikuo TAMURA, architect.

This innovative technique transforms the physical characteristics of water by giving back its original energy the food water drunk every day by each of us, but also the water used in the industry, farming, breeding and services, take advantage of the transformation.

DILEKA allows individuals to drink health water and also save on detergents, and protect the duct system of their houses from lime and oxidation.

DILEKA helps farmers and companies reduce environmental pollutions (pesticides, fertilisers, detergents, solvents), and also make many productivity and quality savings on the products sold.


Now through information and by promoting the DILEKA clean towards all concerned European players, CYTOBIOTECH’s job is to put the economy increasingly at the service of the environment.

CYTOBIOTECH also distributes the PHP, which is also developed by EKG, and which allows important energy gains in terms of heating and air conditioning.

CYTOBIOTECH is the exclusive importer of the DILEKA ad PHP technologies into the European Union, Switzerland and North Africa.


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